Decided teaching in China is for you? Great! It’s important you’re ready for this brilliant opportunity.

Coming from a native English speaking country and a bachelor’s degree are the main requirements you need to teach in China. Make sure you’ve completed your degree, or you’re in your last semester, before you apply with us. Other credentials such as CELTA will be highly regarded and would ensure you stand out from other candidates. Below illustrate what the recruitment process entail:

Process 1

The recruitment process is fairly straightforward. If you’re eligible for a teaching position, we’ll contact you to arrange an interview on Skype or over the phone. Successful candidates will then progress to the next stage with a representative in China.

Based on your preferences (like location and type of school) you’ll be provided with a teaching contract. This is the agreement between you and the school in China (i.e. your employer).

You need a special visa to teach in China and the employer will help facilitate that for you. The visa process can take a few months which is why you should, ideally, apply at least three months before you start teaching.

We can also help recommend the best time to go and the best things to bring to China. It’s all part of our service.